The Five W’s.

The Five W’s.

IMG_3240I once had primary teacher tell me that all great stories addressed the five w’s: who? what? where? when? and why? I wanted to be a great writer so I’ve remembered that ever since. I don’t know if that is true anymore but I still think it’s important so I will try to address those pivotal questions in my opening blog post.


Me. Georgia. 29 years old, currently living in Saskatchewan, a social worker by education and profession, a dog/cat/fish mom, a quirky wife, a sometimes-wanna-be-super-fit-awesome-at-everything-beast-mode-crossfitter/athlete-but-never-actually-super-fit person, baker-extrordinaire, a writer-by-night (not actually but I like the way that sounds – I normally write during the day), and overall standard human being trying to grow, love, laugh, eat, adventure, give back, and be kind.


A blog I guess! I did a lot of research into starting a blog and what it takes to have a successful blog. Through reading, I decided that I just wanted to write about what I wanted to write with no rigid outlines or selling features and if people liked reading it, then bonus! I always hoped that I would be able to help people through my own struggles by sharing them via this blog. I’ve heard that’s cliché, or over-done, or that I had to pick a niche. But that’s the thing – I don’t believe it’s possible that a blog topic can be over-done. There are 7 billion people in the world and not a single one of us is the same. That means even if there were seven million blogs, there would be seven million different stories.This is just one of them.




Now! And hopefully for a long time to come. Inconsistency has always been weakness of mine. I get excited about something, start, go hard for a while, and then let it peter out. I don’t follow through. Sometime this has served me (when I’ve realized that I don’t actually love something the way I thought I would or I wasn’t meant to go in that direction) but other times it has not served me (I’m still writing that book I started when I was 19…). So this is just another growing opportunity for me. Let’s see where it goes!


This is a tough one. Why write a blog? Because I can? Because I want to share my thoughts? Because I think I have something to give? Because I like writing? Because it will inspire me to be more aware of my life choices? Because I am somewhat of an exhibitionist? Because I could help someone? Because sometimes I’m a bit of a narcissist?

Really, I want to write this blog because I love writing and I want to share my trials, tribulations, struggles, joys, achievements, and adventures with someone other than me. Maybe it’s one person, maybe it’s many. Sometimes, when I’m in my darkest days, I feel completely alone. Then I’ll read a quote or a blub that someone else as written as it’s like they have been listening to my self-talk, like they have been in my own head and I feel less alone. Maybe not better, but less alone. Some of my posts will be fun, some silly, some sad, some angry, but some will be serious and real – and it’s those posts that I hope will help you or anyone else out there feel less alone. Even if it’s just for a few moments.


So cheers to a new blog! (for the third time-at least I keep trying.) 🙂


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